Notes on Nature

In the season finale, Dr. Karin reflects on the grounding, healing effect nature in all its forms has in our lives.


2 comments to Notes on Nature

  1. murphiamoore at 4:50 pm

    Dr. Karin! I Love Your Being! Thank You so very much, I am grateful for this video and knowledge you practice and teach. I Feel grounded just listening to your soul. The rain?? I’m so in Love it’s message during the video. Thank you for speaking; you are helping us all connect more with nature?listening to you and your energy✨Is ?Great You are amazing!

  2. allison at 3:19 pm

    Can I just say this was so cool to listen to. I’m a lover of nature myself and it was awesome to hear all the different ways you connect to nature. I listened to this episode twice since it aired. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul!!

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