Retrain Your Cravings

Colleen and Atlanta psychotherapist Alyce Wellons, LCSW discuss what our food cravings can tell us about our psyche. Alyce shares a quick everyday practice to quickly ground yourself and help fight the urge to go for that sweet snack.

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  1. gmccarthy805 at 8:15 am

    This episode was amazing. It was so very informative and I connected to it immediately. I will be bouncing, and paying attention to the “RAIN”. Colleen does such a wonderful presentation it just makes you want to better yourself because we are worth it.
    Thank you for making this accessible in the comfort or our homes. I can’t wait for more episodes. I Love the work that Colleen does and I Love that more and more people can see and hear about her practice. Working with Colleen has been the best…..I continue to follow and refer people to Colleen. Her work is amazing and her passion is ferocious!
    Thank you to the Lighter Side Network for making this happen. ??

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