Sai Explains How Light Attracts Dark

Jamie brings Sai back in to speak on how low-vibration entities are attracted to our higher vibrations, and shares when it is and is not a cause for concern. Sai explains how we can not only protect ourselves from these entities, but also what we can learn from them.


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  1. bakingtt at 11:47 am

    Thank you Sai and Jamie. This is a new and very interesting perspective for me. I love the depth.

  2. jannauary at 1:02 pm

    Whoa. Advanced studies. Deep gratitude to all involved.

  3. ttottx at 7:50 pm

    Smiles from Sai???? whoda thunk it! Maitland poking in 😛

    Question: So how does a psychic vibrate to see all these other vibrations?

    • Jamie Butler at 9:02 am

      How does a psychic vibrate to see all these other vibrations? Well in my opinion it would be to first believe that there are other vibrations that we know nothing about that exist without us being aware of them.It is one of the many qualities I enjoy about Maitland, Through her play and laughter I explored things I would not have been aware of. That would be my first approach to the riddle. – Jamie

  4. ladyastral67 at 12:31 pm

    This was wonderful and very insightful, Sai and Jamie! Thank you SO much for clarifying more fully on lower vibration entities and higher ones.

  5. dreamofgoldensky at 12:43 pm

    I FEEL you SIA! I feel this on a Quantum level of healing self goes much deeper then the physical body! Again Thank you Jamie! I do NOT ever expect ANYONE to understand my method of remembering self- BUT I KNOW these “entities” teach me about me. Which is part of the ONE!

    Early on in my ever expanding journey I was told by many people- you need to shield and protect! I found that no matter the method of shielding I was doing it did NOT work for me. This video is a perfect example of why.. it took me time to realize it is about my intention and if something was coming into my perception (dark or light) I asked WHY. What am I being shown? Using self discernment, paying attention to my heart and not the fearful mind. As there is nothing to fear NOT even fear itself! No one or no-thing has power over you unless you give it! #energy #awareness

    This short clip explains it beautifully! You cant shut one down from the whole!

    • Jamie Butler at 8:47 am

      I love that you have resonated with Sai and how he sees us as humans. I have often found that shielding can work for very specific things (energies) like one at a time but the big blanket shielding is cutting you off from being the big light that you are. What react to is what is inside of us.
      It is just like your cool David ShamanMan says too!! I love how he puts it. I really loved the clip. Gonna follow that guy! Thank you for sharing this with us. -Jamie

    • Jamie Butler at 9:00 am

      I am very happy to hear you have resonated with what Sai has said How humans Work. I have personally found that using a Shield works with very specific energy. I feel if we wereShielded like a blanket all the time then we are separating ourselves from experiencing what is. I also feel that if we are Triggered energetically by something it is because it already exist inside of us. I watched the video link You sent, David ShamanMan. I love the way that he talks. I’m definitely going to be following him. Thank you for posting that link for us. What a really cool dude.– Jamie

  6. patriomuerte at 6:12 pm

    Hi!!! I loved the video but there is one question in my mind..

    What Sai said resonate with me so much, i think sometime i can have low spirits dude that may harms me,, i always thought it was my own thoughts,, Sometime i just want to disappear and wish to have never been come true,, And i can fart a lot for no reasons known to mankind hahahah

    If i come to attract low vibe entities, and then i noticed it and protect myself, like Sai said , they can go wonder to your relatives like gastro!

    I think i would want to keep them with me than throwing them back on the ones i love.
    Can we help them instead? Does it is worth if i call angels for them? Since everyone is connected to everyone and everyone is needed, instead of protecting myself i could just help them somehow?

    Like giving them a ticket for paradise? lol

    • Jamie Butler at 8:34 am

      I like that…. giving them a ticket to paradise. Yes you can suggest where you would like for them to go but you are only in charge of your energy and your body. You can not place a ruling over another entity and have the expectation that it will work. This is why I feel it is best to teach each other how to groom and care for your energy field. Keep making the suggestions, this might encourage the spirit to see there are better options, like the paradise you are talking about. How else are they going to learn too?

  7. jlcarpenter86 at 11:33 pm

    Sia is the first being of any kind to validate what I experience and know about “dark” entities. Most time I attract beings that I want to watch or just watch me for a bit… or sometimes I get lost ones that need a little help crossing over. I believe that Sia did take it to this point but that even ones that cause fear are sometimes just doing so to shows us more about ourselves and fears we need to let go of. Aw man. I’m just going to start hanging around tall whites. They are at my learning curve with spiritual thing. Lol

  8. blckcanary at 2:28 pm

    I love Sai and some of this was validating, and some very educational. Thank you

  9. kristen.m.winstead at 2:24 pm

    I love Sai and would love to see more episodes with him!

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