Sai on Intergalactic Beings of Light

Jamie channels Sai to share their knowledge on the multidimensional beings that inhabit the universe. Sai lists some of the qualities that are shared or unique to various entities, and reveals some of these beings are closer than you’d think.


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  1. Amora at 9:24 pm

    That was so beautiful! I love Sai !!I look forward to more and deeper episodes! That wisdom around trees wasn’t lost to all of us! So grateful to the tree people. Thank you Jesse and Colleen for holding space and doing such a wonderful job and Thank you Jamie for your tireless devotion to truth, light, love and beauty.

  2. kmhass65 at 1:35 pm

    Thank you Jamie for opening yourself to be a channel for Sai. His message was very powerful. I understand that working on raising my vibration and putting love above all else is so important during this time. I look forward to hearing more from Sai.

    • Jamie Butler at 8:30 am

      Love this, thank you for sharing. I look forward to getting to know Sai more as well. Stay tuned for more:):) -Jamie

  3. Megan_wolfe at 1:48 pm

    Thank you, Jamie and Sai. A wonderful episode that leaves us looking forward to more. Sai, when light beings interact with us what exactly does that look like? Is it in our head or would we see someone with our eyes?

    • ttottx at 4:03 am

      My usual is to invite them over for a beer. I’ll hazard a guess for a light being it’ll be ‘byob’ 😛

    • Jamie Butler at 8:29 am

      Sai says hte images would come to you in the way you could understand. If you were a better see-er than feel-er than it would be sight which would be triggered first. If you are asking what they look like to the naked eye, it is pure light. a being of light or a long cocoon of light.

  4. ngarfinkel at 9:30 pm

    Amazing! I have a question, when Sai said we only need to ask them for help who’s name or what do we call out for help? Do we ask Sai? Or intergalactic beings?

    • ttottx at 3:54 am

      Well, I’ve started meditating on contacting the ‘Light Federation’. Sai said we go by many names, some call us angels. Mentioned in the vid was Intergalactic light beings, light federation team and light federation. Meditate on contacting as such and I’m sure they’ll get back to you. It may not be how you expect but they’ll get there 🙂

    • Jamie Butler at 8:27 am

      Sai says to use his name as you know it on Earth: Sai. But also mentions that if you have spirit connection to any others you can call out to them as well. He wants to encourage more conversation across the dimensional divide. -Jamie

  5. ttottx at 2:45 am

    Who made us? Now that I know why ‘past’ civilizations failed amongst some cataclysmic events as well.

    Timeline of when they shall announce themselves?

    When you die, Sai, and then reborn, do you have a memory of the prior lives?

    Contact! I have no fears, let’s see what trouble I can get into contacting the federation 😀

    Um… Jesse needs a new pair of jeans 😛

    • ttottx at 6:34 pm

      Um… if the universe doesn’t understand when we say “I want to be debt free” and gives us debt, when talking to Erik, Sai, Maitland, Grace, do they understand all the words we are saying? Why is the universe so dumb? 😛 yeah, I know, we’re on Planet Stupid 😛

      • Jamie Butler at 9:11 am

        LOL why is the universe so dumb? I have not heard that question before. I believe the universe AKA prime source energy Cannot hear our words, I believe it connects to how we are feeling. So what are you feeling when you say I want to be debt-free. Is it that you’re feeling like a victim? If so the universe will continue to allow you to feel like a victim. If not then I believe the universe would give you other opportunities That align with what you are feeling. I hope my little insight helps you out.–Jamie

    • Jamie Butler at 8:55 am

      Please send I’ll your pennies To Jesse in an envelope so he can save up to buy a new pair of jeans (lol i kid) I really love the running joke about Jesse and his tight pants.
      As for Sai, I know he will be in contact with you. I know he is interested in connecting with humans to help them evolve. Your spiritual seatbelt on.– Jamie

  6. jackie.vernon at 1:47 pm

    Very interesting and loving! Sounds like we are the spiritual toddlers here on Earth compared to most other interdimensional beings. I always knew I was younger than I looked! 😉

  7. bajatraveler at 2:07 pm

    Watch from France. Not French, but taking the time while I travel to keep up.

    This episode rocked! Keep it up.


  8. treeandlake at 12:25 am

    The one concept that they mentioned that I would like for these beings to elaborate on, in a future episode, is love. What love really is from their perspective and all the aspects related to it, with examples, without using the word love in their elaboration. I ask because, like the words god or love, people often seem to use those words in a very limited or personal way. And I suspect there is much more to the concept of love, from an intergalactic perspective, than that one word can encapsulate or that many of us would even consider. Thank you 🙂

    • Jamie Butler at 8:51 am

      Oh I really like this concept. We are putting this on the list of topics to have Sai Channel. Thank you for sharing it. Can’t wait to hear about it. _Jamie

    • theamazingunderdog at 6:07 am

      This is a great question, and one I think about myself often. Glad you brought it up. I love Sai and the way he can build a picture, so I look forward to that.

  9. katieonisko at 8:46 pm

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Hope my neighbors didn’t hear all my exclamations while I watched this episode. I’ve been waiting for these conversations to start. Thank you, Sai, for opening each of these topics. And thank you Jamie, Colleen and Jesse for providing the forum.

  10. bobbym76 at 8:16 pm

    Very informative and interesting. I enjoyed this episode very much. Much like others said previously, I was kind of wondering when these type of conversations would start. Thank you, Sai and Jamie…

  11. theamazingunderdog at 1:13 pm

    Whoa. I’m always glued to it when Sai comes in. Thank you.

  12. Shellie Uphouse at 8:22 am

    Sai, you are currently “living” a life in a “tall white” body? Jamie is able to channel you, your light body/energetic body/astral body?. (I’d like to know more about that) could jamie channel your spirit/higher self? Like she does Maitland? I also wonder if Maitland, Grace have a “higher self”? I already imagine they do. I’m curious to know more.
    Thank you ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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