Sham Psychics and Shady Healers

In the season finale of Medical Girl Mystical World, Dr. Julia talks with Reiki Master Trish Walker about fake intuitives and healers and how to spot them. Strange things happened on set of this shoot—watch to find out more!

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  1. ladyastral67 at 11:50 am

    DR. JULIA!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Oh so many stories over the years that surround this topic! My mentor always taught me that you only have permission during the session and then it is to release all connections for yourself and your clients. When I worked doing massage, I always incorporated Reiki into the sessions, just opening up the channel for Universal energy to do what the person needs as I massaged the tissues. I never told my clients what would come through as that permission was not given at the time of the session and many were not open to receiving it so I kept that part out of it and just let the session do what the client needed. They loved it!
    I’ve had all kinds of readings over the years, some very good and some bombers. There is one person I know that I got upset when I heard how she was SO good at her readings. She astral travels for a few days to the client’s home and work and observes them prior to their session! I was appalled when I heard that as this is with NO permission given. The client only booked a session, they didn’t say,oh come on in whenever you want and watch us! ACK!!
    When I started to do work as a medium, I remembered my mentor’s words and felt strongly that the ethical aspects needed to be adhered to just as much as any other career I have had. When an appointment is booked, I ask the client to write down questions and bring them to the session as Spirit listens when they write them. I do not want to know them prior and for myself, I do a “mental shout out” to my spirit team, client’s guides and say any other loved ones who wish to be present or need to speak please attend the session on this date and time. Day of, I do the same thing to Spirit of “OKAY! Today is the day for those who want to speak to “So and So” so come join when the client and I connect. Sometimes I will start to get messages prior and I tell Spirit, NOPE, hold that thought.. not until I am with the client!” And it gets quiet until then. I have been able to access Akashic Records for a few years now but I do not advertise it. I am VERY careful when that area comes up and usually what I will say to a client who specifically asks to access them, I tell them that if their guides and Spirit feels it is relative and going to help them in their life at the current time of the reading, then yes we can go there. If it will hinder your current life or situations, then we will see what their guides or loved ones want to share in relation to assist. I get rather anal when it comes to opening the Akash as I feel it is important to not only provide the info about the past life, but to also get the portions of how this life was valued by the soul and how it is being used in relation to the current life as an assist and always close the doors.

    I’ve had bad readings and had healers “work” on me that caused me many issues in the past so I am very cautious and have built strong boundaries and sometimes I think these types of connections are part of that bigger plan to help us understand we need boundaries and ethics. I have also dealt with a “curse” from a past life for myself and my family members in this current life. It was not something pursued and I did not pay a ton of money to clear it. I actually had it come up in a quick free on air reading when I asked a specific question in regards to abundance flow that my husband and I had been working very hard on. It was ready to be seen and info provided and the medium was very good in how she accessed, requested clearance, and a reset through timeline of associated lives.

    As I have mentioned in previous comments, I have a physical condition that has been a huge part of my life. Nothing drives me more crazy than when other healers or mediums start telling me, “oh you need to do this” or “oh well you haven’t done enough of this” and the list goes on! No one wants to hear that and there can be many reasons why the person has a particular condition or illness that is part of a larger plan. I am one of those people. Oy! I could go on and on with stories hahahahaha… THank you for bringing up ethics in these fields as I think it is very important for all practitioners of all forms to use boundaries and ETHICS in their practice and this is not talked about enough as most of it is placed on the client’s side when we as practitioners really need to work on the ethics of our work! Much LOVE!

    • Dr. Julia Spinolo at 10:18 am

      Hey there! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed reading your post and I’m sure the other viewers will too. Thank you for your story! 🙂

  2. sammysteeds at 5:21 pm

    Great show. Very “woo woo” and “true true”
    I’ve been waiting for this topic. Thanks ?

    • Dr. Julia Spinolo at 10:18 am

      Indeed, Sammy! You’re so welcome and thanks for watching :).

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