Smellatherapy Pt. 1

Jamie’s crash course in aromatherapy. Lesson includes overview of the nine types of smells, safety tips when using and applying ointments and essential oils, and a few recipes and tricks you can make easily at home.


3 comments to Smellatherapy Pt. 1

  1. upst8 at 9:36 am

    Love essential oils and using them. I have many, but still I wanted to watch your videos. Always fun!
    On to Pt. 2. I just received my Chakra Chart so maybe you will go into that? Thank You! I’m a few season late for I have loads of videos to watch. Also, wanted to mention that I love the feature of watched videos, so I can keep track of ones I’ve already seen. Big Smiles.

    • Jamie Butler at 6:33 pm

      Yay , I love to hear that you are using the watch list:) If you can think of anything else, we are wanting to meet the needs of the viewer:) Let us know! I would love to an episode just on the chart! -Jamie

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