The Energy of Nutrition

Jamie invites Colleen McCarthy, Registered Dietician Nutritionist to talk about the energetic relationship we have with the food we eat. Colleen discusses some of the reasons behind our life-long aversions to certain foods, and what our cravings for others can tell us about ourselves and our emotional states.


6 comments to The Energy of Nutrition

  1. alexisob91 at 6:43 am

    Love you guys so much! I have been recommending the lighter side show to friends, family and complete strangers i meet. Been following you since the beginning of channeling Erik. Love you so much<3<3<3.

  2. paul.r.holcombe at 4:27 am

    Wow great video, it made me hungry just watching 🙂

  3. gmccarthy805 at 1:47 pm

    This is awesome. I have worked with Colleen and have benefited so much from her and the wealth of knowledge she shared with her clients helping us get on a better healthier track in life. Body, mind and spirit. I thank Colleen daily for her passion in her field and feel fortunate to have her in my corner guiding me. I encourage people to reach out to Colleen always because she’s amazing at what she does. Thank you Jamie Butter for inviting Colleen to speak and energy and nutrition. It’s a great informative segment.

  4. rdholmes at 6:37 am

    Amazing. As Jamie said, I found the urge to contact Colleen and I have my first session booked in January :). Thanks Jamie, Colleen and Jesse. Xxx

  5. blowuptulip at 9:02 am

    Gosh this was enlightening! I always felt there was more to my cravings (sugary) but I had never come across such straightforward info relating to individual emotions before. (Other than the typical, ‘stop eating sweets, it’s not love…’) And it totally makes sense with what Maitland once implied when I asked her about my cravings on one of the life sessions of facebook (she was too scared to say it but) she hinted I might want to go and have more sex and or massage etc hahaha -love her. In other words more fun/pleasure. I will definitely pay a visit to Colleens website to find out more. Great stuff, thank you!!!!

  6. karklina.elza at 6:55 am

    Love, love, loved this episode! I thought I knew stuff about food but it turns out there is a lot to explore! Thank you for this episode, I learned a lot! 🙂

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