The Energy of Presence

Jamie welcomes psychotherapist Alyce Wellons, LCSW onto the show to discuss psychotherapy and the importance of cultivating “presence” with her clients. Alyce talks about how psychotherapy incorporates both new discoveries in science and tried-and-true ancient arts and spiritual practices to create an environment that promotes growth, understanding, and healing.

Visit Alyce and get tickets to her Loving Kindness Candlelit Meditation at the Center For Love and Light on December 2, 2018 at


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  1. haclayton at 4:27 pm

    By far one of my favorite episodes! When a provider “takes the power of position in the room” (love it!), it can put up unnecessary obstacles in the patient’s path to healing. My best advice for self- or patient-advocacy is to find a doctor/provider/practitioner who is willing work with you.

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