The Enneagram: Type 7

Laura is back to talk more about the Enneagram! In this episode, Laura explores the enthusiastic, fun-loving, spontaneous, impulsive type seven. Watch and learn about the strengths and vices of this energetic personality type.

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  1. blowuptulip at 6:04 am

    Oh my Goodness!!! I was wondering if I am a seven? as I was identifying with some of the traits but what you describe is totally my eldest kid!! he is only seven(!) But a complete monkey mind, grass is greener, blaming others for everything but also so hungry for new input all the time…
    No wonder he comes home from school with holes chewed into his school jumper sleeve. He’s clearly repressing so much energy, poor kid. He is doing well at school though, he is so intelligent and hungry! for knowledge. Would love to know how to teach him to be more centred and find peace and quiet in himself.

    In myself, I recognise the ‘hungry’ bit. from a young age I knew I could be quite obsessive about certain things so I intentionally steered clear of drugs. But unfortunately, food became my crutch. I ‘crave’ something ALL the time and it feels like a food craving but it isn’t. I have never really looked into enneagrams and will definitely look further into it…

    Thank you Laura!

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