The Unscripted Way: Spiritual Boot Camp with Darshana Kicks Off!

Commit to be “spirit-fit” with Darshana Patel’s The Unscripted Way Spiritual Bootcamp this season. Watch and participate as we journey into the lives of 4 individuals as they reawaken their spiritual selves to live their fullest lives. In this series of episodes, Darshana shares the her key insights on Consciousness, Conflict, and Communication that opened an expansive level of Clarity, Joy, and Empowerment in her life. Tune in with Darshana today to learn how to “muscle-up” your spiritual side!



– Start with the Bootcamp Survey!

– Freeform journal at least 2 minutes, 2 times a week

– Eye gaze with yourself in the mirror for at least 2 minutes

– Begin crafting your 100th birthday celebration speech – what will they say about your life? What is the legacy you want to leave? Dream BIG.

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