The Unscripted Way: Emotional Suffering & The Illusion of Time

Stay Spirit Fit as we drop the weight of suffering in this week’s boot camp! What is suffering and how does it relate to time’s past, present, and future? Find out by joining Darshana for boot camp this week and reach new levels of joy and peace!


– Freeform journal at least 2 minutes, 2 times a week

– Prompted journal entry:

1) I know I’m emotionally suffering when.. (What is your definition of suffering? How do you feel? What are the indicators that you’re suffering?)

2) Where in my life am I currently experiencing emotional suffering? (Select a specific situation alive for you today).

3) What feelings do I experience related to the situation I selected? (Notice a pull to the past or future).

4) Here is a summary of what objectively happened in this situation. (I could play this back as a video for others to see/hear… stick to what is objective and observable).

5) What I’m making meaning about what happened/might happen is… (What is my inner dialogue? What am I assuming about the situation, myself, or other person)?

– Continue crafting your 100th birthday celebration speech – what will they say about your life? What is the legacy you want to leave?

– (Optional): Read The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

– (Optional): Check out the Spirit Science series:

– Prompted video journal entry (for our 4 boot campers): Is there an area of life where you feel there is some degree of emotional suffering? Notice your thoughts about this area of life. Do your thoughts tend to pull you to the past, to the future, or to the present? What is incomplete or uncertain?

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